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We are a leading Steel container manufacturing company in the UAE, catering to growing oil sector of the Arabian Arabian Gulf with industrial packaging solutions.

We are the Best manufacturers of tight head international standard steel drums and open head steel drums at its state of art production facility located in Umm Al Quwain , UAE.

55 Gallon Steel Drums | Open Top Drums | Closed Top Drums | Corrugated Drums

At Anglo American steel we are committed to bring into some of the world’s latest packaging solutions.Our manufacturing plant is one of the biggest in middle east region, we are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and follow all International Quality norms.

The Winning Combination – State of Art Manufacturing Facility

The metal drums are manufactured at our state of art plant at Umm Al Quwain, UAE. A semi automated and completely synchronized production process which includes a de-coiling line, ends formation, decreasing line, beader corrugation, seamer, painting line, printer facilities, etc converts steel coils to fully constructed, painted and printed drums at one go.

Large covered storage area and controlled manufacturing environment prevents deposition of dust or foreign particles on the drums. Latest techniques are employed for coating drilling and punching of sheets thereby minimizing wastage. Leakage tests are also conducted on each and every drum to ensure zero defects.

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Logistical Advantage

The plants strategic location and proximity to the port and to major chemical and blending units will help in the speedy delivery of our products. Our large fleet of customized wide bodied trucks will help in quick efficient and economical transportation. Special precautions also taken to ensure these drums are delivered without dents/scratches.

Our Product Range
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