Business of Stainless Steel Drum in Middle East and why United Arab Emirates is one of the leading supplier.

A major player in middle east steel drum manufacturing industry is Anglo American Steel with its innovative technology and focus on delivering quality products, our plant has been award ISO 9001-2008 certificate which proves our commitment towards international standards, we are serving clients across Industries and meeting their customized requirements and early or on-time delivery with competitive pricing.

Petrochemical Industry Drums

We are Bulk manufacturers wide range of steel drums used in Petrochemical Industry our Drums goes through Leakage tests, drop tests, Hydro static pressure tests and Pneumatic Pressure tests  to ensure zero defect products required standard for Petrochemical Industry. Our focus on the use of latest technology in the production of drums is the best in business.Offering an easy storage, and transportation of liquid and powdered items, these steel drums possess a wide demand among our valuable clients.

Our Product Range

W-Bead Drums
Regular Bead Drums
Open Top Drums
Standard Tight Head Drum
Composite Tight Head Drum
Tight Head Drum with Agitator
Tight Head Drum with Handles
Standard Open Head Drum
Container adequate Open Head Drum
Composite Open Head Drum
Open Head Drum with Agitator
Salvage Open Head Drum
Open Head Drum with Handles


Logistical Advantage
Our strategic location and proximity to the port give us logistical advantages with others.Moreover our large fleet of trucks help in quick and economical transportation and trained staff help us deliver dent and scratch free delivery.

Today we are the Largest Manufacturer & Exporters of Stainless Steel Drum in UAE
and preferred Container Suppliers to other Middle east or GCC countries such Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Eqypt, Jordon.